Health and home should be synonymous. Home is where we come from and what we create. It tells the story of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. It is where we can be vulnerable and relax into our most authentic selves. A respite from the harshness of the outside world. A place of power that provides the foundation for our days.

Healthy Homescaping helps people maximize health and well-being in the home environment with emphasis on reducing toxic exposures from common household and personal care products.


How do you know the products you use in your home and on your body are safe?

The short answer: you don’t. Navigating cleaning, personal care products and other household items as a consumer can be daunting due to weak disclosure and labeling requirements, misleading claims, and the consumer not knowing which chemicals are harmful or potentially harmful to human health and the environment.

I used to think I was in the clear because I did most of my shopping at local co-ops. Based on that, and the language on the labels reassuring me that my favorite products were “hypoallergenic,” “paraben free,” “plant based,” “all natural,” etc. I assumed these products were safe.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. As a consumer, you have no way of knowing which products are safe based on the labels or the ingredient list because of a lack of disclosure and labeling requirements.

My goal is to help you reduce your exposure to toxins in the environment you have the most control over: your home.

I will work with you to create a healthy home environment by identifying potentially harmful products and practices and matching you with the safest alternatives I can find. I will consider your budget, lifestyle, shopping preferences, and aesthetic in order to create your individualized Healthy Home Plan.